Contactonics Pte Ltd is a Contact Center /  BPO provider with a focus on optimising contact center operations.  We support South East Asian along with English language markets globally. Our coalition offers Contact Center consulting and technology distribution from our South East Asian offices in Singapore and Makati City, Philippines. We specialise in delivering customer focused business strategy, operations and technology services for enterprises of all sizes.

Contact Centers

We Partner closely with our clients to build and operate world class, differentiated customer contact centers that utilize cutting edge IT support systems to optimize your investment. Through our deep market expertise combined with hands-on contact center experience enables us to provide tactical and strategic solutions which yield quantifiable benefits for your company and customers across all languages of the Asia Pacific region.

Contactonics offers a wide range of customised services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client. Results are delivered by addressing all aspects of your contact center – strategic planning, employee engagement, attrition management, best practices, operational analysis, process improvement methodologies, and technology analysis. This encompassing analysis of your operations results in focussed recommendations based on the unique characteristics and needs of your operations.

Vendor Management

When you need local oversight of operations Contactonics has the resources to provide the intermediary support a Vendor needs to provide ongoing operational excellence for your operations.

ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis consists of a three-day engagement and results in customised business cases and ROI analysis. This analysis will help you to identify business and financial benefits (payback, NPV and internal rate of return) for potential future investments. During the engagement we identify operational challenges and recommend enhancements with a potential to produce savings. Furthermore, we will quantify the payback from technology investments and identified process improvements in the areas of support, customer service, customer and employee engagement. The program deliverables include a comprehensive ROI model and a list of recommendations for achieving high-impact financial as well as customer benefits.

Operational Improvement Programs

The Operational Improvement Program is a on-site engagement. Throughout the program, Contactonics and your team jointly will identify high-value opportunities. Contactonics Services will design corrective programs and project plans based on the findings. This enables you to rapidly achieve results that will improve your customers’ experience and the effectiveness and cost of your contact center. With an average of 15 years of experience working  in and with many functional areas in enterprises – senior executives, operations, finance, human resources, and more – our consultants know what it takes to successfully meet enterprise challenges and achieve quantifiable results. We offer various operational programs, including:

  • Contact Center Operational Improvement Program
    Contactonics Services conducts an on-site evaluation of your contact center technology, processes, procedures, and training. We create a strategic framework accompanied by actionable and tactical recommendations for modifying and enhancing your existing operation, procedures and systems.  Within a few days, you’ll receive a detailed project plan allowing you to implement identified enhancements for your operating environment, practices, procedures, staffing and technology; these enhancements will yield a high payback while improving your customers’ experience. In our experience these highly successful initiatives yield cost savings of more than 20%.
  • Process Engineering
    Following an on-site visit, Contactonics Services’ process engineers will provide  detailed recommendations to improve existing processes or draft plans for new ones. We are experienced business optimisation specialists who can rapidly identify ways to improve the performance of all customer-facing activities in service, sales and marketing organisations.

Contact Center Performance Management (CCPM)

Contactonics Services utilises the SPOT Performance Maturity Model™, which assists clients to optimize their contact center operations, including internally managed centers, outsourced centers, or a mix of both. CCPM is both a strategic and tactical initiative that dramatically improves the cost performance and internal and external perception of your contact center. It aligns the objectives of the contact center with enterprise goals and measures the performance of all people and groups within the organisation. Contactonics Services staff have been involved in performance management for over 15 years. We can help you build a new CCPM program to optimise your contact center’s performance or improve your existing program.

As part of the CCPM we include services such as:

  1. market research to assist clients understanding their competitive position with respect to the services they offer, which channels they choose to use (e.g., phone, chat, email, web, social media), and how effective and efficient their current operation performs;
  2. operational and financial consulting to optimize contact center operations;
  3. all aspects of outsourcing including needs analysis, vendor selection, management, and
  4. strategy development for executive management on how to handle today’s business while laying the foundation to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Internet Protocol (IP) Planning and Cost Justification

This program is strongly recommended for organisations that are considering or planning to convert or transition their existing contact center to IP.  Contactonics Services conducts a detailed functional, operational and financial analysis of the current environment in order to identify the potential savings from migrating to IP.  We quantify all areas where savings will be realised and draft a project plan to help you achieve maximum benefits and ensure a seamless transition.